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History of Exotics in Silver and Gold

History of the Exotic Shorthair Feline
CH, GP Jade River's Summer Rain
CFA's First Golden Exotic to Earn the Title Grand

An in Depth Look at the Color and the Quest for Purrfection
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CH Echo Hill Trinket, Shaded Silver Female Exotic
CH Echo Hill Trinket
Shaded Silver Female Exotic
Long time US breeder Pam Hill (Echo Hill) describes her path:

"I started with purebred cats in 1973. As with many women, my daughter wanted a Persian cat for a show. We favored the Silvers and when my daughter lost interest, I stayed with it. In 1987 I acquired Pahlewi's Exoti Reza. There are many US lines in his pedigree; in fact, the Exotic ancestor came from Kathy Shaw's Kamisha cattery in Oregon. At that time, there were not many Silver Exotics in America, so I bred Reza to my Silver Persian girls. As Reza was not homozygous for short hair, I had many long haired kittens in my litters. I love the look of shorthaired Silvers. The tipping stands away from the body which makes it much more obvious. However, when the tipping is not consistent, it loses that attraction. For many years the only Silver Exotics at shows were mine, and many judges confessed never to have seen one before.

The evenly tipped fur, the good eye color and the balanced type are a real challenge. These days there are a handful of breeders working with Silver Exotics who have come up with some really stunning cats. Enthusiasts and spectators at the shows love the Silver Exotics featuring all the qualities that make the Silvers so attractive, but with a shorter coat, which makes them easier to care for." Pam's last sentence really sums it up. The silver Exotics combine attractive looks and a charming nature. They are bright, interested in their environment, and absolutely not couch potatoes. While they adapt to their family's lifestyle, no door should be closed as something interesting might be hiding behind it, and their inquisitive little minds don't want to miss anything.

GC Echo Hill Carmen, Chinchilla Silver Female Exotic
GC Echo Hill Carmen
Chinchilla Silver Female Exotic
Chinchillas - the Snowflakes

It has to come from somewhere, the short fur, but of the purest white, please, with the faintest hint of tipping - a Chinchilla! Resplendent of crystal and silk they are the brightest of the silver line, the most attractive to many of those who have fallen in love with this variety. In their short, plush coat, only the very tips of the fur show the black tipping so that they almost look like a white cat. Only 1/8 of their hair tips identify them as a black Chinchilla, their face is mostly not tipped at all which makes the contrast of the black lines around their eyes, noses and lips all the more striking. The emerald- green eyes are spectacular when they dazzle like opals.

When they are born, there may very well be some ghost markings, but the bright belly, soles and head give rise to the hope and assumption that a little chinchilla star has been born.

Diehl Shaded Silver Exotic Kitten
Diehl Shaded Silver Exotic Kitten

It is hard to imagine that, genetically, this is a black cat. But the influence of many dominant genes and many polygenes are responsible for her phenotype. As a member of the silver agouti group, her genotype is identical with that of the Shaded Silvers: A- B- D- I-. A stands for agouti, B for the black pigmentation (no reduction of the melanin granulate), D stands for the full colour (not dilute) and I for the inhibitor gene.

The agouti gene ensures that while the hair is growing, sometimes more melanin is produced and sometimes less. On the other hand, the job of the inhibitor gene is to avoid further colour developments. With Chinchillas this gene becomes effective right after birth. That is why, as the fur grows, the pattern disappears, and only a tiny remnant remains at the hair tips.

Brettachtal's Nickitita of Diehl, Shaded Silver Female Exotic Cat
Brettachtal's Nickitita of Diehl
Shaded Silver Female Exotic

To get the clarity of the Chinchilla color in perfection you need much delicacy of feeling choosing the right girls and boys. The easiest way would be to select only to breed Chinchilla to Chinchilla. But one has to find them first! And they must meet the criteria, and should have as many such Chinchillas among their ancestors as possible.

While that may be possible, it does not always guarantee success. There may be undesirable features such as fading pigments, which results in a loss of contrast in the face, on the nose and the lips. Inbreeding, a strategy which is recommended for fixing such features in a line, may be used. Unfortunately, employing this method can result in inferior body substance, which would look particularly pitiful with the short coat. Not many roads lead to the perfect Chinchilla Exotic, but one should never lose faith! Their personality, like their look, is graceful. They are charming and sometimes distinguished, but always looking for communication. They like to comment on this and that when their owner's lap happens to be occupied.

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