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History of Exotics in Silver and Gold

History of the Exotic Shorthair Feline
GC Jade River's Fire & Light
CFA's First Golden Exotic to Grand in Championship

An in Depth Look at the Color and the Quest for Purrfection
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Interview with Norbert and Elke Deutschmann of Pahlewi Persians and Exotics, Germany
International GC Pahlewi's Exoti Mighty, Shaded Silver Male Exotic
International GC Pahlewi's Exoti Mighty
Shaded Silver Male Exotic

It would be many years before the Silvers and Goldens, those green-eyed beauties, would see a resurgence and reclaim their rightful place as the crown jewels of the Exotic world. The foundation for the modern Silver Exotic was laid here in Germany when our home-grown pioneers, Norbert and Elke Deutschmann, took a brave step and incorporated the shorthair gene with the Silver colours. Elke and Norbert describe how this came about:

Q: What made you want to breed Exotics?

We decided that we wanted to breed Exotics after visiting John Kantola in San Francisco, USA in 1978. In his flat he had, amongst others, a Blue Exotic stud and a Blue Cream Exotic queen whose look (Persian head type) and nature (very cuddly) inspired Norbert and I. Alas, as is often the case, the two cats were not for sale.

How did you get your first Exotics?

Back in Germany, after a few months we received a phone call from John, who, for personal reasons, had to give away both Exotics. With great joy we set everything in motion and soon were the proud owners of two gorgeous Exotics; Jondom Cyrus, the stately Blue boy, and Jondom Phoebe, the pretty Blue Cream girl.

Already I had increasingly been moving away from my original breeding of Smoke and Black Persians towards Silver Persians, as I was particularly enthusiastic about the Shaded and Chinchillas with their open faces, beautiful eye colors and the seemingly drawn line around their eyes, nose and mouths. Thus, the vision of a Silver Exotic with an open face and big eyes was born.

CH Pahlewi`s Exoti Monti, Shaded Golden Male Exotic
CH Pahlewi`s Exoti Monti
Shaded Golden Male Exotic

What were the first breeding steps you took towards reaching that goal?

In 1980 I met Kathy Shaw from Deer Park, Washington, USA, who bred Silver Exotics and also had in her blood lines the same kind of Silver Persians as I did. (When interbreeding I have always endeavored to get back to a good line that is already present in the pedigree.) The stud that was offered to me, Kamisha's Jade, did not at all look like a Persian, but his pedigree inspired me with hope.

What (who) was your breeding breakthrough?

Jade did not let me down. With Silver Velvet of Pahlewi, my Persian girl, he gave me Pahlewi's Cher, a beautiful Exotic girl whom I bred with my Persian stud, Ch. Silver Windsong of Pahlewi. As a result of that, Gr. Ch. Int. Pahlewi's Exoti Mighty was born on 9th August 1982. He was 4th Best AB cat and Best SH cat in Germany in 1983/84 in DEKZV (German Fife club). From Mighty several beautiful stud cats were born, such as Ch Pahlewi's Exoti Lee, Eu. Ch. Int. Pahlewi's Exoti Gismo and his son and Gr. Ch. Int. Pahlewi's Exoti Moondancer. In 1983 I bred Pahlewi's Cher (Exotic) with Ch. Pahlewi's Silver Butterfly (Persian) with Wicklow and Hillsbury lines in the pedigree. What I got was my first Golden Exotic: Pahlewi's Exoti Goldy, as both lines have Golden in the background. I bred Goldy with her father and got Pahlewi's Exoti Goldstar, Royal's mother (see photo Pahlewi's Exoti Mighty from 1982).

CH Pahlewi`s Exoti Royal, Shaded Golden Male Exotic
CH Pahlewi`s Exoti Royal
Shaded Silver Male Exotic

Which of your Exotics is, in your opinion, the most beautiful?

In 1990 I bred Pahlewi's Exoti Goldstar with Pahlewi's Silver Dinero, who traces back to Hillsbury, Jenwilli and Hershie's, and ultimately, back to Jade. In this litter a Silver Exotic boy was born who fulfilled all our hopes and wishes: Ch. Pahlewi's Exoti Royal. He is my idea of a perfect Silver Exotic. His is of a charming, endearing nature and looks like a Persian with a short, teddy bear coat, (see photo Pahlewi's Exoti Royal).

What is your experience with interbreeding to self-colored (solid) Exotics?

Attempts to interbreed self-colored cats quickly results in a good type of sturdy build. However, the eye colour suffers a lot and an intense, deep eye-color can often be achieved only after extensive backcrossing.

What is your retrospect and outlook?

Looking back, I have helped build the first Silver Persians with the help of American breeders such as Jeanne Ramsdale (Dear Heart), Charlotte Newton (Hillsbury), Grace Over (Gray Ivy) and Janice Reichle (Diadem), and often against the will of some European judges, who saw the silvers as a separate breed, with a pointed nose, to change them into Persians.

With Silver and Golden Exotics, I had the lengthy challenge of chasing the Persian type. However, I was quickly won over by the much easier care of the Exotic coat, and so were many other breeders and enthusiasts in Europe, where many of the best Exotics can be seen at shows.

Pahlewi  Mighili, Shaded Silver Female Exotic
Pahlewi Mighili
Shaded Silver Female Exotic

Ten years of breeding work - isn't that a long time to create a new breed?

Not really, considering that the Silvers and Goldens are particularly sensitive when it comes to outcross breeding. Attempting to buy an Exotic to breed the shorthair gene into the best Goldens and Silvers you already have often results in a surprise! Even when the Persian line appears to have been established for many generations, the little teddy bears often look more like sweet little European Shorthairs, with no sign of a compact little body on short, stout legs, not to mention the typical head of an Exotic.

It seems out crossing like that makes genes go back to the roots rather than moving forward. But that's not all. There is also quality and color of the coat, the black liner, and of course, the signature emerald green eyes.

Well, once you have fallen for the Goldens and Silvers, you have to be patient, and especially with Exotics, you need to look at your own retirement age. So it is a good idea to look further a field to make contact with other breeders and exchange experiences and new lines. Then, as mentioned in this interview, go back to tried and tested lines.

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