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History of Exotics in Silver and Gold

History of the Exotic Shorthair Feline

By Dorothee M.C. Nottebaum
Edited by Elise Scafani and Ameena Lessner
Page One
CH Kasebri Bronte, Chinchilla Silver Exotic Female
CH Kasebri Bronte
Chinchilla Silver Female Exotic

The names alone suggest that what we have here is something very special, and they certainly are the aristocrats among pedigreed cats. Their long-haired counterpart, the Persian, is a highlight at every show. Now there are also the Exotics; with their shorter plushy fur, a faint sprinkle of dark tipping, an undercoat of dazzling gold or arctic white and large saucer emerald green eyes encircled with black eyeliner. These words can only begin to describe the enchanting look of the Silver and Golden Exotics. One-of-a-kind gems of Exotic breeding. Those who succumb to their stunning appearance also come to appreciate their charming, affectionate and intelligent nature. This relatively new variety of pedigreed cat remains a rarity for aesthetes.

The Character

The Exotic combines the balance of the Persians and the temperament of the short-hair cat. That makes her the ideal family member, integrating into her family's lifestyle and playing keenly with just about anything. Everything that is beautiful in life needs to be looked after; the Exotics are no exception. However, grooming and combing them is much easier than with the Persians.

Their Secret is Their Harmony!
TICA CH Escorial E-Sarastro, Golden Tabby Male Exotic
TICA CH Escorial E-Sarastro
Golden Tabby Male Exotic

What does this mean? Being in tune with oneself. The ice princess sitting at the window, the light brushing over her arctic white fur, when this little aristocrat walks towards you, gliding elegantly, when she eventually addresses you - for she does like to talk - then this Silver embodies grace and pure perfection! And what could be more harmonious?

Perhaps you like excitement? Then you need contrast- rich, glossy black on a backdrop of radiant white or dazzling gold, emphasized by large green saucer eyes. Of them you must forgive many a prank, for they are creative, inventive and not at all boring - the Tabbies! But what could tickle the imagination more, what could produce a more perfect balance than looking at a real teddy bear? Touching it, running ones fingers through its plush, warm fur! What would, could make one more content than listening to the luxurious purring when one of these darlings is sprawled across your lap seductively, asking for its apricot belly to be caressed? Without a doubt, we are talking about the Goldens here.

The History of the Breed
Pahlewi Exoti Pearl, Shaded Silver Exotic Female
Pahlewi Exoti Pearl
Shaded Silver Exotic Female

Breeding Exotics is a relatively new venture, considering that it was only 1964 when FIFe recognized this breed in Europe and 1966 for CFA in the US. In 1985 the CFA Yearbook contained an article entitled "We've Only Just Begun", meticulously describing the first steps in breeding Exotics. It all started when a few adventurous breeders began crossing Persians with shorthaired breeds. These first attempts barely resembled a Persian cat with short plush fur. It was a long, hard road for these early breeders, first to set their new breed apart from other breeds and then to struggle for their acceptance.

Interestingly, CFA's first Exotic grand was a Shaded Silver male named Silver Secret of Gay-O. That same year, 1971, Grayfire's Cheyenne, a Chinchilla Silver, became the second Exotic grand champion. For a few short years, the silvers dominated the Exotic show scene, but their success was very short lived. Those early Exotics with copper eyes had the advantage of a larger gene pool to draw from. As a result, they were able to attain the type of a short-haired Persian comparatively quickly, while the silvers fell into obsolescence.

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