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Available for Placement

jaderiver kittens for sale
The above kittens are representative of
Jade River pet kittens.
They have been placed with wonderful families.

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Please take a minute to read the adoption and transportation information provided below before you fill out an adoption application and contact us. Thanks! :-)
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Adoption Information

At Jade River we raise both Exotic and Persian cats. While we work predominately with silver and golden, we do occasionally have silver tabbies, brown tabbies and cameos. We have adults available for adoption from time to time as well as kittens. Please consider adopting an adult as they are wonderful kitties and very deserving of all the love, affection and care you could give them.

Our pet cats and kittens are spayed/neutered prior to placement. Our kittens are always fully vaccinated and placed with a health guarantee. The minimum age for adoption is 12 weeks with most kittens becoming available between 12 and 16 weeks.

jaderiver health guarantee

Our cats/kittens are placed in carefully selected homes. To assist us in making the best match possible, please share with us as much information as possible with regard to your living situation, past pet experience and any expectations you may have of your new cat or kitten. An Adoption Application is provided for your convenience on our Contact Page.
Following your application, we will require a telephone interview before a potential adoption is approved or a deposit accepted.

All deposits are non-refundable.

What to Expect?

A frequently asked question is "How much do your kittens/cats cost?" While I am hopeful that this is not the primary concern of the perspective adopter I will attempt to set forth some guidelines. I understand that we all need a starting place from which to launch the search for "our perfect pet" and an understanding of cost is helpful. The life expectancy of a Persian or Exotic that has been well cared for is 14 to 20 years. Please keep in mind that the initial cost of a pet represents only a small portion of the lifetime commitment, emotional and financial investment you will make.

Kitties are evaluated by the same standards used by professional judges at cat shows. This standard describes the perfect specimen in terms of bone structure, coat quality and coloring. The "perfect" cat is a rare creature and thus kittens which fall short of the standard for one small reason or another will be placed as pets. These kitties possess all the wonderful qualities of the breed in terms of health, temperament and beauty. Our pet kittens are spayed or neutered prior to placement and a spay/neuter fee of $100 is added to the adoption fee. Adoption fees for our pet kittens start at $900. A show quality kitten is defined as a kitten that very closely resembles the standard and can be shown and championed. Show quality kittens begin at $1800. We will consider the placement of cats as breeders only in situations where the cattery is devoted to the development of Silver and Golden Exotics/Persians.


It is preferable that your new pet be picked up from either our home, or a pre-arranged meet point. We travel to the San Francisco bay area occasionally and can arrange to meet with prospective adopters.

Shipping of an unaccompanied pet can be done via air cargo from a major airport such as San Francisco International. The cost of shipping begins at $350 dollars and is subject to several restrictions

Adult Kitties Available:

Currently, we have several adult cats available for adoption. They are 2 to 10 years of age, silver and gold both longhair and shorthair cats. All the kitties are similar to those previously pictured on the site. Adoption fees for adults range from $100 to $400.

If you think you may be interested in one of our senior kitties (ages 7 and older) or a special needs cat, please feel free to submit an Adoption Application and let us know.

The following kittens are not currently available for placement, however they are representative of the 'look' of our kitties:

jaderiver kittens for sale
Chinchilla Silver Male kitten

jaderiver kittens for sale
Shaded Silver Male kitten

jaderiver kittens for sale
Shaded Silver Female Kitten

jaderiver Adult Exotic for sale
Shaded Silver Exotic Female Cat

jaderiver Adult Exotic for sale
Shaded Silver Exotic Female Cat

Please email us for additional information about the cats and kittens featured on this page or one you are interested in learning more information:
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